Carole Kim is a media artist with a focus on video projection for multi-media installation, performance and photography. She has presented her work in diverse contexts including experimental art, music, dance, theater and site-specific installation. As someone who works extensively with technology, it is where technology meets up with the human, physical, tangible world that interests her most.  She is fascinated by the merging of physical space, the body and the illusionistic world of the moving image.  Through this juxtaposition she plays with relative scale, dimensionality and how matter can appear to commingle.  New composite worlds unfold where one is left to contemplate, “What is this new world I am observing?” “How does it make me think differently about my relationship to the physical world?”


At the onset of the pandemic, Carole Kim compressed her installations to fit beneath her kitchen table.  This intimate “venue” has proven to be an ideal site for live connection from remote locations for collaborative performance. Live performances within these micro-projection installations  have been presented by NowNet Arts Lab, Montalvo Art Center, echoreaume-Vienna, Optosonic [e] Lab, Earth Day Art Model Festival, SEAMUS Festival, CURRENTS New Media Festival, New Music Gathering Festival, Australasian Computer Music Conference 2021. The audio-visual ensemble that Kim founded called Dilate Ensemble was selected for a funded residency with ThoughtWorks and CounterPulse Theater in San Francisco for 2021-22.


Her work has been supported by the Irvine Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Center for Cultural Innovation, MAP fund, City of Los Angeles, Pasadena Arts Council, The Music Center, Durfee Foundation, REDCAT, University of California Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA), The Getty Center, Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound (SASSAS) ,Dublab, Newtown, Turbulence.org, CalArts, and The Center for Experiments in Art, Information, and Technology. She was selected as a recipient of a 2013 COLA Fellowship, 2014 CCI Investing in Artists Grant, 2015 Metabolic Studio Chora Council Grant and a 2015 CHIME Grant. In 2019, she was awarded a residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts. She was also the first artist-in-residence (March 2018- October 2019) at Descanso Gardens working on a year-long project that culminated in a solo exhibition and site-specific performances in the gardens from July-October 2019.


MFA CalArts (Integrated Media/Film/Video)

MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art (Printmaking)

BA Brown University (Studio Art)







I am grateful for an ever-expanding network of collaborators from every discipline who embrace experimentation and are sensitive to the entirety of an experience within an environment.  For the pieces that I direct, I strive to establish a carefully considered framework , conceptually and structurally, that will allow for the space and freedom for my collaborators to fully insert themselves and do what they do best.  I try to strike that balance where there's enough direction for a piece to hold its shape but open-ended enough to encourage the maximum amount of exploration and unpredictable discovery.


PLEASE NOTE:  This list continues to grow with each project  and may not always be complete or up-to-date.


Yogos Adamis

Scott Amendola

Bob Bellerue

Joe Berardi

Carla Bozulich

Ellen Burr

Archie Carey

Leticia Castaneda

Scott Cazan

Paul Chavez

Alex Cline

Nels Cline

Dan Clucas

Phil Curtis

Michael Dessen

Aaron Drake

Mark Dresser

Carmina Escobar

Harris Eisenstadt

Vinny Golia

Tony Green

Emily Hay

Robert Hilton

Motoko Honda

Lewis Keller

Paul Kikuchi

Kadet Kuhne

Catherine Lamb

Dohee Lee

John Lindberg

Makoto Taiko Ensemble

Toshi Nakamura

Odeya Nini

Albert Ortega

Scot Ray

Vicki Ray

Hahn Rowe

Steve Roden

Sara Schoenbeck

Breeze Smith

Wadada Leo Smith

GE Stinson

Mark Trayle

Kira Vollman

Theresa Wong

Pamela Z


Amy Dore

Liz Hoefner

Shuriu Lo

Sarah Leddy

Maggie Lee

Nguyen Nguyen

Stephanie Nugent


Post Natyam Collective

Paula Present

Shel Wagner Rasch

Deborah Rosen

Michael Sakamoto

Cheryl Banks Smith

Morleigh Steinberg

Roxanne Steinberg



Mirabelle Ang

Rebecca Baron

Beth Bird

Brenda Bynum

Maile Colbert

Jesse Gilbert

Alicia Gorecki

James Griffith

Kio Griffith

Moses Hacmon

Adele Horn

Lyn Horton

Bo Sul Kim

Cathy Lightfoot

Eve Luckring

Kaoru Mansour

Christine Marie

Pablo Molina

Apolonia Panagopoulos

Astra Price

TLAXCALA Artist Collective, Mexico

Lisa Tchakmakian


Adam Rosenkranz

Douglas Kearney

Mady Schutzman