Carole Kim, culminating exhibition and site-specific events

July 14 - October 27

Sturt Haaga Gallery, Descanso Gardens


member preview: July 12 - 14

opening reception of solo exhibition: Sunday, July 14 from 4-6pm

gallery hours: 10-4pm daily


multimedia performance: Friday, July 26 at 8:15, 9:00 and 9:45pm (limited space)

multimedia performance: Wednesday, August 28, 7-10pm


From day-to-day, month-to-month, season-to-season, the gardens are an ever unfurling site of changing detail worthy of our attention. My relationship to the gardens has grown in depth with layers of story, information, shared experience, discovery, interaction and engagement with the Descanso community and the gardens as laboratory. What I wish to share is where this trail of wonder can lead. I find expansiveness in both reveling in the sublime details (through a heightened awareness of “this worldliness”) and venturing into the unfamiliar (creating a sense of “other worldliness”).


All these observations are sifted through my interests in:

• light and its direct interactions with the materiality of the physical world,

• the joy and passion of the act of drawing as a dance with the landscape,

• an intermingled dialogue between structural geometry and organic complexity,

• the behavior of light over a spatially variegated canvas,

• the layering of the live, the real, with the illusionistic

• the ephemerality of the gesture



Juliann and Cris for making this new residency possible.

Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA.

Glasslaven Kunstsenter, Gran, Norway

All the collaborating performers and guests for the live events.

The extended Descanso community and friends who met up with me to walk and talk.

Adam & Eli


projection drawing, Weeping Mulberryprojection drawingprojection drawing, colored concentricsprojection drawing, 9-24-18 w/Roxanne Steinbergprojection drawing, 8-31-18projection drawing, 8-31-18projection drawing, 6-30-18projection drawing, 6-30-18projection drawing, 6-30-18projection drawing, 6-30-18projection drawing, 6-24-18projection drawing, 6-24-18projection drawing, 6-24-18projection drawing, 6-24-19projection drawing, 4-20-18projection drawing, 05-04-18projection drawing, 05-04-18projection drawing, 05-04-18<>





Hope Schneider, 04-09-18Hope Schneider, 04-09-18Hope Schneider, 04-09-18Louie Guitron, 04-22-18Louie Guitron, 04-22-18Lila Nastro, 04-22-18Lila Nastro, 04-22-18Cam Hall, 05-17-18Cam Hall, 05-17-18Cam Hall, 05-17-18Bill Pounders, 05-20-18Bill Pounders, Flaxleaf Paper Bark, 05-20-18Sue Beatty, volunteer culture, 06-25-18Claudia Forbes, 07-10-18Claudia Forbes, old map of Descanso, 07-10-18Deb Hoard + Tom Christman, 10-07-18Ursula Brookbank, berry juice edges, 12-10-18Ursula Brookbank, bee's last sip, 12-10-18Sara Roberts, 04-18-19William & Sinton Stranger, 04-28-19Emily Lessig, Velvety Tree Ants, 05-06-19Raphael Mattei, floating blue, 05-19-19Raphael Mattei, Buckeye Bloom, 05-09-19Richie Troche, squirrel teething, 05-09-19Richie Troche, 2 years of patience, 05-09-19Jim Comstock, clivia hybridizer, 05-11-19<>


APRIL 2018

At Descanso Gardens I have embarked upon a year-long residency and exploration that will culminate in an exhibition in the gallery and site-specific projection drawings and performances.  I am currently reaching out to the Descanso community to join me for 1-on-1 meandering walks through the gardens.  Come meet up with me and show me your Descanso Gardens,  your favorite spots and your experiences that tie you to this place.  When my (now teenage) son was born, Descanso was my refuge.  And I watched my son grow from stroller to crawling to walking to running through the grounds.  I feel that different locations in the gardens retain these memories and continue to resonate within me in a powerful way.  I wish to widen my lens and discover the myriad of experiences the gardens have absorbed to deepen my perception and insights into Descanso Gardens.  This is not a documentary project.  The conversations will be captured through audio only and will help direct my focus and guide my explorations of the gardens.  By pursuing these threads of connection to a place I believe this can heighten the depth,  relevancy and potential resonance with the community that loves and supports its existence and well-being.


To make an appointment, please contact me at

Please anticipate a minimum of a 1-1/2 hr commitment.  Below I am providing a bit of background information to contextualize this endeavor.  I look forward to meeting and meandering with you!





I am a media artist and a very hands-on maker.  My formative training was rooted in drawing, painting, printmaking, installation, music and movement.  I am particularly interested in how the messy, organic, tactile, unpredictable, physical world meets up with the expansive possibilities of digital technologies.  With a focus on video projection environments for installation, live performance and photography, I have been intent on pulling the moving image out of the computer screen and off the cinematic big screen and have it  take on spatial and dimensional form.


THREADING, Folly Bowl, Altadena, CA.  (hand-sewn scrim)THREADING, Folly Bowl, Altadena, CA.  (hand-sewn scrim)THREADING, Folly Bowl, Altadena, CA.  (hand-sewn scrim)FURNACE, Automata, LA, CA, (artist residency and culminating 2-story installation/performance)FURNACE, Automata, LA, CA (artist residency and culminating 2-story installation/performance)SPAN, collaboration w/Pamela Z,  Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA  (hand-constructed projection scrim)SPAN, collaboration w/Pamela Z,  Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA  (hand-constructed projection scrim)SPAN, collaboration w/Pamela Z,  Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA  (hand-constructed projection scrims)SPAN, collaboration w/Pamela Z,  Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA  (hand-constructed projection scrims)SPAN, collaboration w/Pamela Z,  Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CATHE SINGING HEAD, New Original Works (NOW) Festival, REDCAT, LA,. CA  (hand-sewn projection scrim)<>



I experiment with a vast array of materials with different optical characteristics of translucency, luminosity, reflection, shadow-throwing texture and bleed. The surfaces are articulated with hand sewing, painting, and collage, resulting in spacious layered sculptural floating drawings that one can inhabit.  Some have referred to my installations as “3D without the glasses.”



BACKYARD DRAWING SERIES, White Ash TreeBACKYARD DRAWING SERIES, White Ash Tree (detail)BACKYARD DRAWING SERIES, Joshua TreeBACKYARD DRAWING SERIES, Persimmon TreeJoshua Treenial 2017, "Dialogical" live video projections onto the rock scapes in Joshua Tree, CAFOREST'S EDGE, projections onto the forest in Granavollen, NorwayFOREST'S EDGE, projections onto the forest in Granavollen, NorwayMICRO SCREEN, rear projection onto micro scrims made of organic matterMICRO SCREEN, rear projection onto micro scrims made of organic matter<>  The more recent work has turned directly to nature and landscape as projection surfaces and environments, whether it be the backyards of friends, the rock scapes of the Joshua Tree desert or the Norwegian forest.  Working within Descanso Gardens will dovetail beautifully with this body of work.  "Shine a Light" speaks to my passionate interest in light as a medium and also pertains to the insight garnered through the participatory input of the Descanso community.  It has been my experience that when you direct a beam of focused attention upon something incredible details emerge and come to life---a collective such beam, all the more so.  It is with a great sense of potential that I embrace the process of where this project will lead me.